Ensuring Affordability


Our Mission

To ensure affordable advantages offered by medicinal cannabis to those eligible for benefits from Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI).


Our methods include conducting lobbying activities, raising awareness, and forging partnerships with state-licensed physicians, authorized dispensaries and other businesses in support of natural paths to better health.


With studies increasingly showing that medical cannabis provides considerable relief from many challenges including joint or muscle discomfort, chronic pain, and autoimmune illnesses, we believe our efforts provide an important step in creating an environment where a more balanced approach to medical care can be achieved.

Our Vision

To bring comfort to the population segment in the State of Florida unable to pay for medicinal cannabis. To make an impact on the medical industry by reducing the dependency on regularly prescribed pharmaceuticals, and to pave the way for other like minded organizations.


Our Values


We are unafraid to face any obstacles in our way.


We have nothing to hide.

No matter our audience or means of communication, we conduct ourselves

within the law, with trust and with clarity.

Would You Like To Donate To Help A Patient?


We help patients in any way we can - to those with limited resources,

to medical marijuana treatment centers, to the movement

towards holistic health, and to ourselves.

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